What I Do

I birth and mother the mother.

With the help of a doula, the birthing person will be more likely to experience a completely physiological birth. She is less likely to need pitocin, less likely to have a cesarean birth, less likely to use any pain medication and much more likely to have an affirmative birth experience. For many women the support of a doula shortens active labor by as much as half of the average length of time.

Everyone Needs a Postpartum Doula

Support Including

– Birth Packages
– First Night Overnight
– Gatekeeper and Advocacy
– Home Birthing
– Home Birth vs Hospital Consultations
– Breech Birth Consultations
– Organize your home/nursery
– Planned Caesarean
– Single Parent Birth Partner
– Sibling Support
– Postpartum
– Resources  to support your ongoing needs